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What is a New Bretton Woods Financial System?
The New Bretton Woods Campaign
ROME, May 21 (EIRNS)—ROME MEDIA REPORTED THE ITALIAN PARLIAMENT'S CALL FOR A "NEW BRETTON WOODS COMMISSION." Following the hearings of the Preliminary Inquiry Commission on the Parmalat crash, Paolo Raimondi, President of the Movimento Solidarietà, the LaRouche organization in Italy, issued a call to the parliamentarians who took part in the work, to create an ad hoc "Commission for a New Bretton Woods." The results of the weeks-long hearings proved the existence of a systemic global economic crisis. For this reason the Parliament should create a small, unbureaucratic, agile working group to establish international contacts, organize working seminars and other activities to help prepare the ground for a New Bretton Woods conference. The call, referring to the role of LaRouche in this fight, has been published in the past days by the daily of Alleanza Popolare party Il Campanile and by Agenparl and Aise Press agencies. An article on the Commission hearings will soon be ready for EIR.

[Source: tehrantimes, afp, 22.0504]

AN INTERNAITONAL CONSORTIUM WILL BE ESTABLISHED TO BUILD RAILWAY LINKS AMONG RUSSIA, AZERBAIJAN AND IRAN, announced railway officials from the three countries on May 19. The railway line will link Qazvin, 100 km from Tehran, with the Azeri city of Astara, on the Caspian Sea. Azerbaijan, has ample railway links to Russia. Russian Railways company head Gennady Fedeyev, announced that final plans would be made at a furture meeting in Baku. He said the links would "strengthen Russia's economic and geostrategic positions and its ties with [Persian] Gulf countries and the Indian Ocean."


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